[feature-request] Drive in Google account

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asked 2016-11-01 16:15:36 +0300

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updated 2017-04-18 11:00:34 +0300

Why are there only Dropbox and Onedrive accounts and not Google Drive too? We have a Google account settable, so.. Why not adding the option for Drive inside?

It could be used also for making backups..

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and of course the large number of other cloud storage providers, as box.net, etc. I would also like a suggested cloud-storage which is reputed "independent" (unlike dropbox, onedrive or google drive). See also question about iCloud: https://together.jolla.com/question/11604/support-icloud-in-accounts-explicitly/

Cary Grant ( 2016-11-01 16:54:20 +0300 )edit

All this cloud stuff doesn't look good. Everything is proprietary and not worth 2 cents if startup A is blown up or company B changes it's business plan.
Support standards, not moving targets.

hoschi ( 2016-11-02 22:52:48 +0300 )edit

... Any news?

palikao ( 2017-04-02 12:39:43 +0300 )edit

Google Drive and box are proprietary and frequently hard to implement without vendor backing. But I'll be very thankful for the Nextcloud (ownCloud) storage support.

Valentin ( 2017-04-04 12:12:45 +0300 )edit