Uncommanded screen rotate into landscape as well as slow and inconsistent.

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Update: screen rotate function on Aquafish, SFOS
With the Aquafish i notice screen rotate inconsistencies when in the home, lock screen, sometimes when placed on flat surface with light screen interaction and finger swipe motion upwards within an APP without moving the phone at all causing the portrait screen to rotate to landscape, once in landscape it sometimes refuses to rotate back into portrait even when you pick up the phone and rotate it. You will then have to carefully rotate the device a couple times so it gets bacl to the right orientation:
In lockscreen it should simply not allow rotate no matter what the orientation or settings, or at least should give youthe option to disable lockscreen passcode input screen rotate:
Rotate while generally now below 1sec, seems a bit jerky at times, its lacking a smooth transition and animation of transition in various OS screens and environments.
rotate in browser and other supporting apps simply needs to be sped up by a factor of 5 at least to male it a better user experience and so the user will actually make use of the function.

Turing Phone, SFOS, SFOS browser issue mostly shown below: When rotating screen from portrait to landscape for sailfish apps supporting rotation it takes ~2 seconds which is about the upper limit before it becomes a nuisance.

portrait native app landscape native app 2sec

When performing the same in the browser it takes consistently ~5 seconds which is very noticeable and makes you think you disconnected from the internet in the meantime.

portrait sailfish browser landscape sailfish browser

Is there a way to accelerate the transition rendering? The 100% plus time increase occurs when rotating in both directions.

Who else is experiencing unusually slow rotating times when browsing (and independent of internet connection type)?

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Yes I would say that sometimes it takes even more than 5 seconds with Jolla C when you rotate display.

japsi ( 2016-11-10 13:57:21 +0300 )edit