Block chain and Sailfish OS

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A very generic question, mostly just to stimulate thinking of forum members. Tried to search, but could not find anything related.

Not being sure what is the vision of Jolla, a question popped to my mind that could Sailfish become a mobile platform for various applications using block chain? for example, block chain offers an opportunity for individuals to organize, co-own, and -create projects and other initiatives. An example of this is the initiative called Backfeed ( Would focus set on this developmental direction be beneficial and future oriented to Jolla? to develop native Sailfish features, while perhaps merely improving the Android -support for other type of applications.

Thank you!

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Excellent idea! What i like to see is Jolla somehow incorporate Zcash ( ). For exaple would like to see app developers get payed in zcash for instance.As i understand part of Jollas and Sailfish concept is privacy and security (wich i very much like) it could be the start of something good both for Jolla and Zcash. I really like the descrition for zcash : " If Bitcoin is like http for money, Zcash is https."

Mr.Jeebus ( 2016-11-24 14:13:51 +0300 )edit