[bug]: incoming phone call but phone-application crash [duplicate]

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I just hit a bug where phone rings for incoming phone call but I was not able to answer since phone application screen where "answer and decline" slide menus are was not visible at all. Incoming call was indicated in first screen (screen shown after unlock phone) and in events screen but clicking those messages in those views did nothing. When I clicked Phone application icon in multitask view i got message "Phone application does not respond" or something like that and those two buttons "Wait" and "Shutdown" was shown.

After ringing ended, I could see from Phone application (which started now) that it was missed a call.

Ps. I created a new issue since in issue https://together.jolla.com/question/6987/bug-phone-ringing-without-incoming-call-shown-twice/ user was not sure about real incoming call.

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