Restarting lipstick from system settings freezes the phone

asked 2016-12-09 15:07:19 +0300

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I don't know if this is new since 2.0.5 or if it happened before, anyway: if I restart lipstick from system settings, the screen goes black and the phone doesn't react any more. I first thought it would just take longer than usual for all services to come up, but it was just dead. When I pressed the power button though (my intention was to switch it back on), to my surprise I found out that the phone must have been on - because pressing the button switched it off. Pressing the button a second time switched it back on and it booted without any problems.

In previous versions re-starting lipstick looked like a re-boot: it finally brought up a working homescreen without the need to switch off/on the phone.

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please list your phone

DarkTuring ( 2016-12-21 01:41:19 +0300 )edit

I've just had a very similar experience with my Jolla1 on SFOS

Although, rather than using Sailfish Utilities, I was in terminal at the time and manually entering 'systemctl --user restart lipstick.service' as I have done a thousand plus times before.....and nothing, no action, but looks like it might be screen........a failure message that lipstick had a problem, consult journalctl for details, etc, etc...nothing in journalctl anyway, so I typed reboot and crossed my fingers. The phone showed a red LED for about a minute and then the lockscreen came back to life.

Spam Hunter ( 2019-01-04 14:13:56 +0300 )edit