tap to cancel installation of an application (Harbour feature req.) [duplicate]

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Although I don't consider myself a clumsy "user" I must admit that with this swipe interface I have accidentally installed applications more than once. I start to dislike the way applications from the Jolla harbour are installed and feel I need to walk on the tip of my toes (or fingers) when browsing the harbour.

Sure, I must "swiping it the wrong way". But then it all goes to easy without confirmation.

We need some consistency here:

Deleting stuff like pictures or a program gives a nice visible 5 seconds "tap to cancel" bar.

It would be nice if such was implemented for installations as well: "tap to cancel installation".

Confirm installation could be optional of course.

PS: I did not intend to count for two downloads of "Military news" when this program was stil haunting the front page..

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I have accidentally installed a few apps this way. It has been suggested that swipe to right would also send emails, I'd definitely want confirmation before that too. In Messaging, swipe to right just shows the person's profile so I guess other functions have been surprising to me.

hana ( 2014-01-15 18:18:37 +0300 )edit

Duplicate question and some discussion on this:


By the way, I think Jolla Harbour is where developers can submit apps, and it's the Jolla Store you're talking about here :)

ssahla ( 2014-01-15 19:04:30 +0300 )edit

PS: I did not intend to count for two downloads of "Military news" when this program was stil haunting the front page..

Not good for your rep, I agree with that ;)

Tanghus ( 2014-01-15 21:38:50 +0300 )edit

@vandersmash besides that I agree with @ssahla that this is a duplicate question. Lets keep our votes at https://together.jolla.com/question/14068/countdown-applications-installation/

Tanghus ( 2014-01-15 21:40:59 +0300 )edit

I'd drop the "swipe to install an app" option. It is causing too many random installations of apps. Pulley menu or "Install" on the top right is enough and safest.

Anna ( 2014-02-20 05:01:57 +0300 )edit