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Message draft: unable to edit recipient [released]

asked 2016-12-11 13:14:55 +0300

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After creating a new draft inside the native messages application you are unable to edit the recipient(s).

Affected devices and versions

I am able to reproduce this on my Jolla 1 Phone running on Sailfish OS

How to reproduce

  1. Open the native messages application
  2. Use the pulley menu to create a new message
  3. Type some text into the message input field
  4. Now type a number into the recipient input field (e.g. 0123)
  5. Return to the messages overview by swiping to the right to create the draft
  6. Now open this draft again
  7. Result: You are unable to edit the recipient of this draft and you have to create a new message to be able to send it to another number/recipient.

There is already a related question which is about the inability to edit multiple recipients in a message draft:

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1 Answer

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answered 2017-07-24 19:45:07 +0300

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Finally Sailfish OS 2.1.1.x introduces the feature to edit the recipient. :)

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