[request] usage of a sdcard-swap and zram manager [not relevant]

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Hello sailors

seems that actually the jp1 with 1gb ram and android function get a ram space too tight.
I found many informations on zram, why zram would be preferred against swap.
On how could we change the amount of zram, and how could we setup and configure a swap on sdcard.
All are makeable with cli, and that is quite good. But not so comfortable for not skilled people, and have maybe some dangerous point if it's wrong configured.
Why is it not possible to place a further swap possibility on the sdcard?
To manage it, and the zram too.? This thread explain some things ok at that time.
But now things had some evolutions, and apps usages need more memories. And the phone goes on its limit.

My usage is most of the time nearly of 90% of the 800mb ram. And sometimes crash all the apps because of the oomk.


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