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What type of format is supported by sailfish for micro sd

asked 2016-12-16 18:09:15 +0200

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updated 2016-12-17 04:59:02 +0200

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I have 2gb microsd card used by a smart works with windows and nokia n 701.aquafish shows it as unmounted micro sd card. I would like to know which type of formats are supported by sailfish( like fat32, exfat,ntfs)?

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You can use it with any and all of those, just by compiling the support to kernel :)

juiceme ( 2016-12-16 18:34:19 +0200 )edit

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answered 2016-12-16 18:14:34 +0200

rgrnetalk gravatar image

There's docs you know: jolla support

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answered 2016-12-16 18:21:15 +0200

lakutalo gravatar image

Maybe this might also be quite useful:

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