[Hardware J1] Phone doesn't power up anymore

asked 2016-12-25 22:40:25 +0300

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Hello, after charging my phone it just showed me red blinking LED for more than 3 hours, so i pulled out the Battery. After this, the phone won't do anything, it won't power up, it won't show any reaction after connection it to USB, even dmesg doesn't show up anything if I connect it to my Linux PC :( Tested this with 4 Batterys and many chargers/PCs I opened the phone, but evertything looks normal.. Since I'm an IT/Electric Student i hope there are some documents/ help here what i can test to see if i can fix it? Maybe there are some broken circuits or something, but just looking at it won't help me that much..

So does anyone have any Idea or Documents of the PCB to help me fixing this wonderful phone?


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looks like I have the same problem. it began with a lot of shutdowns and reboots 3 month ago + trubbles with updating SFOS. after successfull update last week i had still the shutdown/reboot problem. 2 day after update, during charging, once again shutdown. Since then, no reaction from the phone.

Is it totally broken? Any help/idea?

HappyCloud ( 2017-02-11 18:58:42 +0300 )edit