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Mail update interval should be from last update, not from last boot

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asked 2017-01-08 21:47:55 +0300

DaveRo gravatar image

I have mail update interval set to 30 minutes. That checks 30 minutes after I boot the phone. It should check 30 minutes ater it was last checked - which might have been yesterday.

Use case: turn phone on, leave house losing wifi, no mobile data. Unless I start the app and check manually I don't see mail accumulated since phone turned off.

Jolla C 2.0.5. Email app not running.

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I might misunderstand what you are after here, but how do you assume the device will be able to check for email if you have neither WLAN nor mobile data connection??

juiceme ( 2017-01-09 18:40:17 +0300 )edit

At home, where I boot it up, I have wifi and internet. So I want it to detect that I last checked mail, say, 8 hours ago, and check immediately. I don't usually have mobile data on so I lose the internet once I leave the house - often a few minutes later.

DaveRo ( 2017-01-09 18:53:47 +0300 )edit

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answered 2017-01-10 10:36:29 +0300

spiiroin gravatar image

The every-30-minutes syncs are aligned with other activity in the device, so switching to "30 minutes since the last email update" would cause incur extra wakeups / shorten sleep periods / increase power consumption.

However, doing explicit sync after bootup should have similar effect. I created internal ticket to that end.

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Thank you.

DaveRo ( 2017-01-10 14:52:54 +0300 )edit
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