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I saw that a new Finnish company called HMD global will relaunch phones under the "Nokia" brand name during this year 2017.

As former Nokia's user until my Jolla phone, I think it could be great to see one day a Nokia with SFOS.

So, my question is very simple: is it planned a rapprochement between between this company and Jolla?

Edit 26.05.2020:
Thinking that nokia is a mark (or brand) which still belong the former holder, who authorize a "neighbour" to use it, have some actions by this Neighbour, and is a neighbour from Jolla too. Where for sure all this people knows each other. Conditions are ideal for sharing informations. If open-source devices (like sonys one) encourage/improve the understanding and clear interface for developing. Proximity between devs and electric-designer is an advantage (especially with same language).
And a fully finish/European designed mobile is remarkable


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Sorry not as duplicate. The other referenced one is not a real question indeed. and don't surround all the mobile spectrum mentioned above

cemoi71 ( 2020-05-26 21:22:27 +0300 )edit