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This is proposed to be a regular staple of the Jolla year. The competition would be closed with awards and ceremonies closing at Christmas. The winning Other Half(s) (May be more than one Other Half to win as the mood and quality of entries take Jolla) to reach retailers shelves for the Chinese New Year.

From January until July (these dates are suggested for guidance only), consumers will be encouraged to submit their Other Half ideas. A Jolla Judging panel will choose their Top Ten (A notional number only). The Judges will have to conform to the constraints of practicality and cost of implementation etc. but be looking for innovation and creativity. The submissions should accept artistic as well as the technical.

Once the Top Ten has been finalised, Jolla will team up with these creators1 and make little promotions and prototypes. Leading up to a big vote where the consumers get the final say over which Other Half wins.

The prize for the winning creator(s) will be a prototype and a production model, an Other Half T-shirt and more exciting than anything else conceivable! They'll get a tour of the Jolla Offices, meeting Jolla crew and getting their photo taken at the prize giving ceremony. If Jolla feel particularly generous an exclusive surprise gift.

With the award ceremony in Christmas and the general sale in readiness for Chinese New Year. This is intended to tied together both of these markets into one event. Limited editions could be made to resemble the element of the year and be themed with the animal of the year.

This could be extended with this coming year being the Wooden Horse. As such there could be Trojan links and themes.

  1. Jolla as part of the build up to the vote Jolla would mentor the Other Half creators, help them understand how their idea interacts with its audience and about how to bring that idea to market independently2 of the competition. Give the runners up a chance to find another route to realising their dream.

  2. Jolla should reserve the right to withdraw an idea from the competition if its so special, that Jolla want to take this product directly to market, with the permission of the creator. Rights, Terms and Conditions3, Don't do Evil and so on... all apply!

  3. The usual suspects here, be nice, be fair, no flaming, try to be original and don't worry if someone else appears to have the same idea as you.

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