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First i realise now that the most threads which mentioned a synchronisation problem with the cozy cloud platform were mostly oriented to the calddav part.
I had the issue that my contacts was not able to be synchronised with the cloud platform too.
Due to some bugs, on sailfish side, and sailfish carddav specificity unknown from cozy, and especially (my opinion, we may well discuss on it) a management of contact philosophy not well explained for the casual user.

Now straight to the interesting part.
I was shortly successful with my contact and sailfish v2.0.5.6.
And i give the steps that i have done for having it functional.
Hope that it may help other people.

  • With the contact app on the phone i selected all my contacts, and use the "share" ("partage") button.
  • Then i was able to choose share per mail, and i get a mail with a vcf file in attachment.
  • On my EOS (Elementary OS = Ubuntu), i have the app kaddressbook and import it inside.
  • And made a lot's of cleaning, between redundant contact, and contacts with no number or unknown numbers without names.
  • Then i export it to vcard format v3.0.
  • After that i made a backup of the phone, and then I delete all my contact.
  • Then i use the import function of the phone.

And that's it, now i may create a contact on both side and make some changes too.

This threads is firstly done for making a feedback to jolla dev-Teams especially to @chris.adams which helped me for the carddav (and caldav) issue. And want to introduce next to the theme of that i call a "strange management philosophy of contact and calendar". Which for sure a leak of acknowledgement on how the sync management really works inside of sfos.

Hope that may help those who were on the same situation.
And many thanks to those who help and had an interest on it.
And many thanks to the cozy team, and @chris.adams .

Have a good sails...

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Hello @Keto there is still the problem that askbot make problem by link people with @ and tjc nickname.
As you can see i wanted to join Chris Adams here above, and it links to an other chris.
The problem was already mentioned here.
That would be nice if someone give a look on it for resolving it, that's quite boring if a message don't go to the right person.
Would it be possible that you give it further to the right person who may work on it? please.
I push the thread on top again.
Have good continuation, and best regards

cemoi71 ( 2017-01-20 11:26:09 +0200 )edit

Yeah it's irritating. It's impossible to mention Andy Branson or Chris Adams.

atlochowski ( 2017-01-20 12:49:42 +0200 )edit