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Turing Phone scaling problem on Android side

Tracked by Jolla (Rejected)

asked 2017-02-19 10:31:03 +0300

pasik gravatar image

updated 2017-02-19 10:33:02 +0300

It looks like Turing Phone have scaling problem on Android side. Some apps, like Store (Aptoide) have very tiny font size versus Jolla C or Aquafish and some cases screen is not filled 100%.

2.0.14 Fiskarsinjoki

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answered 2017-02-20 11:31:31 +0300

Nrsisti gravatar image


This is known issue for Alien Dalvik on Turing phones and we are tracking this bug. We have no estimated timeframe when this is going to be fixed. We are sorry for this.

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Can you set the tag "Tracked by Jolla" then? Thanks!

Sthocs ( 2017-02-20 13:59:28 +0300 )edit

Hoping updates soon on Turing Phone... We are officially still in 2.0.14 Fiskarsinjoki.

pasik ( 2017-02-20 16:19:49 +0300 )edit
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