Cant restore from SD Card!! Need urgent help!! [not relevant]

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Hi All!

For the past 2-3 weeks my Jolla was dead, it would show the Jolla logo on bootup but then the screen stayed blank with the green LED flashing but then nothing... I followed the tutorial about how to complete the Recovery Mode and my Jolla is back baby!

My main problem NOW however is that i cant seem to restore ANY of the backups from my SD card. I have 3-4 previous backups and none of them seem to work.

I go to Settings> System> Backup> Restore from Memory Card. It look likes the phone is attempting to restore but after a while I check the phone and nothing, no contacts, no saved messages have been restored to my phone.

The phone can definitely see the SD card as it shows the correct Backups on the SD card and displays the photos on the SD card when I check my Gallery

Can anyone help? After having a dead handset for some weeks I feel like I'm 99% to getting back to what I had before the Green LED problem.

I never upgraded to Sailfish 2.0 prior to the issue occurring and now that my phone has recovered the menus do look slightly different, would this be causing me an issue?

Please, please can anyone help me with this final part?

Thanks all in advance!

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you should check you have exact same sailfishos version when you did a backup and now.

coderus ( 2017-02-28 17:42:27 +0300 )edit

hey thanks for the reply

my phone says im now on

Im pretty sure that the versions are now different as some of the icons look slightly different.

How can I check what version the backup was made on?


ryujollq ( 2017-02-28 17:46:04 +0300 )edit

Try to restore with the latest version of sailfish.

fblm ( 2017-03-01 10:09:30 +0300 )edit