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Email app: Mark all mails as read bug

asked 2017-03-03 22:38:26 +0300

NobodyInPerson gravatar image

updated 2017-03-03 22:45:53 +0300

Hey everyone,

It's been quite a long time since I have this little issue with the Email app. I don't know when, what Update or whatever caused this.

The mail app always shows me that there is one unread mail. Which is false, as far as I can tell. I select all mails via the pulley menu und mark all as read. Still the same.

This is not a big deal, but maybe somebody has had this issue before or knows a quick workaround. Otherwise, deleting and recreating should solve it, I guess. Just don't wanna delete my 1000s of mails now ;-P



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I have the same problem. Re-create the account is not an option. I want to preserve (very) old emails not on the server.

Select all - mark all unread (gives new email sound, different issue); Select all - unmark all leaves this one unread email. Removed 2300 old mails by hand to discover this one unread email. Left approx. 1200 emails. But did not find this one unread mail.

Max ( 2017-06-14 20:07:30 +0300 )edit

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answered 2017-03-30 15:52:06 +0300

NobodyInPerson gravatar image

Deleting and re-creating the account solved the problem.

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answered 2017-03-04 01:20:03 +0300

Sage gravatar image


have you checked sub folders in your e-mail account? Meaning that when opening the e-mail then flick from right to left to get to folder view. There might be some other folder that has unread mail that is causing this issue for you.

Br, Marko

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Yes, it says explicitly there is one unread mail in the inbox.

NobodyInPerson ( 2017-03-04 09:21:12 +0300 )edit
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