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[2.0.5 /] Problems with restoring the backup on new Jolla 1 [answered]

asked 2017-03-04 23:51:42 +0300

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updated 2017-03-05 15:55:05 +0300

Hey, I hope its not a duplicate - believe me, I searched first.

My old Jolla 1 was gone, I bought a used and factory-reseted device. I'm in the EA-Group. When updating to 2.1. I made a backup. I wanted to restore that backup on my "new" Jolla 1. I updated the phone to 2.0.5 and then tried to restore the backup the first time from my sd-card. But the last two backups weren't visible. Then I updated to 2.1. and nothing new happend. The *.tar-file is on the sd-card. I changed the name of my old Backup.tar to something different and renamed the last backup to Backup.tar. It didn't helped. What to do now? Is there a possibility to solve it? Is there at least a list, what has to be copied from the backup-file to which place on the phone to restore the data manual? I started copying the pictures and on zendesk is described, what to do with the contacts.... But with the rest I'm uncertain.

EDIT: So, restoring the files for the browser was easy by following the directory-structure of the backup. These questions are quite interesting for me: How to restore my old Messages? How to restore my old Notes? and perhaps: How to restore my old Accounts?

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On my Jolla 1 the backups are named differently since 2.0.5 (afaik), sailfish_backup_2017-02-08T16-24-07Z.tar for example

till ( 2017-03-05 13:35:34 +0300 )edit

yes, thats how its named. but the backup-tool doesnt find it. the file is there.

mettska ( 2017-03-05 15:29:49 +0300 )edit

Are the backup files sitting in the root of your sdcard?

Edz ( 2017-03-09 17:34:17 +0300 )edit

Yes, they are

mettska ( 2017-03-09 18:26:05 +0300 )edit

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answered 2017-04-06 18:44:24 +0300

mettska gravatar image

The solution came by jolla-care:

rename the backup-file to sailfish_backup_.tar and delete all the other backups. Then it worked easily.

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