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[bug] Calendar event created outside CalDAV sync window disapears from calendar

Tracked by Jolla (In release)

asked 2017-03-12 16:57:05 +0200

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updated 2017-07-19 09:30:40 +0200

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Calendar event with start time created outside CalDAV sync window (-6 to +12 months) disapears from calendar view on the phone after CalDAV sync.

  1. It is present on server (sync worked outside the window?).
  2. It also is present in local sqlite database for some time, than it disapears completely (don't know exactly based on what events).

Works same on and versions.
I use my private DaviCAL server.

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2 Answers

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answered 2017-10-25 00:37:52 +0200

updated 2017-10-29 01:22:00 +0200

Edit 2017/10/28: I've submitted a MR on mkcal to allow time restricted loading of local incidences. This will avoid to report erroneous remote deletions leading to actual local deletions. But as a side effect, it will also block the upload of new events outside the sync window.

I've created a MER bug for this. I know the reason and will try to find a solution in the coming weeks.

In a nutshell:

  • any new local event is send to the server during a sync process, even outside the sync window. It then receives a etag and a URI. It is then considered shared between local and remote. The event appears then on server and locally.
  • during a later sync process, the plugin is fetching data from server within a given time frame. Any shared event that are not appearing in this list is considered as remotely deleted. Thus, the plugin is removing the local copies -> failure!

The solution is then to consider also a time-restricted of local event when doing the comparison with fetched data. But it is not as easy as that from the mkCal API point of view.

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answered 2020-04-27 11:42:52 +0200

jovirkku gravatar image

Fixed in OS release 3.3.0.

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