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Android navigation apps always oriented to the north.

asked 2014-01-16 19:32:38 +0300

Slawek gravatar image

updated 2017-12-02 22:54:08 +0300

DarkTuring gravatar image

In android's navigation applications (Google Maps, Yanosik...) maps are always oriented to the north. The map does not rotate according to the direction of travel. Is it a bug or problem with settings ? Native maps application works ok.

Dec-2017: Sailfish X on Xperia has compass issues as well for Android Apps Here.

Here Comoass confused Calibration not Possible

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My Google Maps rotates as selected and is not always north up orientated.

Sailor ( 2014-01-16 19:37:11 +0300 )edit

How did you install Google Maps ? From a store? I did it from apk file.

Slawek ( 2014-01-16 19:50:08 +0300 )edit

From Playstore.

Sailor ( 2014-01-16 19:54:24 +0300 )edit

But I use also Yanosik (polish app, from store) and it has the same north problem :-(

Slawek ( 2014-01-16 20:02:32 +0300 )edit

Ok, in navigation north ist not always up. But in only maps mode north is always up and cannot be changed because the multitouch gesture for flipping the map is not working.

Sailor ( 2014-01-16 20:22:54 +0300 )edit

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answered 2014-01-20 09:50:26 +0300

llornkcor gravatar image

It is a known issue that compass sensor is not working for android apps in sailfish. This will be fixed in a future update

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seems to work with OsmAnd, though...

epsilonijk ( 2014-01-25 22:36:29 +0300 )edit

Fixed in release!

strongm ( 2014-03-18 11:26:49 +0300 )edit

still doesnt work on Sony Xperia

DarkTuring ( 2017-12-02 22:55:08 +0300 )edit
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