Cant connect to IPv6 sites after a while.

asked 2017-03-28 11:08:31 +0300

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updated 2017-03-29 15:13:24 +0300

As the title suggests. I noticed that after some time the browser loses the ability to connect to ipv6 sites. Ie Enabling and disabling the flight mode fixes it.

Anyone else noticed something like this?

Also noticed it happens after i reboot my modem. (and i suspect every time it changes IP from the ISP)

Someone might want to try:

Open Browser and go to (if it works fine if not turn on and then off the flight mode)

Reboot your modem.

Open the Browser again and go to

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What is the OS version and which device?

alloj ( 2017-03-28 12:27:46 +0300 )edit

J1, normal release. I don't browse much with the phone to notice when it started but i was testing some stuff today.

ApB ( 2017-03-28 12:49:08 +0300 )edit