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First Looks Like there a more threats about the same or Battery related Problems

So I had Yesterday and today also Problems with the Battery.

First Yesterday I had around 25 % and turn on Wifi and used Twetain left the Wifi Hotspot and used my Phone 1-1,5 hours later battery was down. Fist was okay Wifi and low Battery. But than I used a Usb-cable connected to my PC and the Phone display 24% left Battery But It was not able to Boot up again stuck in boot loop.

After a few Moments and a few Booting I unplug the Cable and luckily it boots up again :) and I charge it to 60%

Today I used my Jolla a bit and the battery was again around 25%. locked and turned it on a gain a few minutes later and it was again out of Battery same as the day before. This Time I take out the Battery and the Device says after put all together again that the Battery is at 1% Okay. After a few Moment Device did not boot up for a few Minutes may be dune to low Battery. The Device says it now 40% charged?!

Father one How it says its 100% 30 Minutes later it jut 83%

No Heavy use like 3G Data surfing or Games or ... Just in my Pocket I use foil to prevent the NFC Battery Problem any one also out there with the same Issue?

Hope u can get my point :-/

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After disabling NFC as described in it lasts for as long as 5 days (very low use). Had high battery usage before - although the problems were not as severe as your's. Hope you have success in fixing this ...

stephan ( 2014-01-17 00:36:20 +0300 )edit

I also noticed phone cannot be turned off with usb connected. Maybe also no turning on with usb connected. Switch nfc off with systemctl stop tohd.service. maybe the tinfoil aint working properly.

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Close enough as a duplicate with:

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