[bug?] BT in-car contacts import problem after last EA (Jolla1) [duplicate]

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Hi to all.
Today I noticed about strange problem in my car system (Mazda3).
When phone connected, it automatically import contacts to the car system, but now if I want to create call it show me message that no contacts here. If I go to the contacts list in the car system it empty and I need to reimport this list manually and only after this action all contacts appear in the car system until the next auto-connection.
For now I can't check it with Jolla C, hope in the next week....
Already tried:
* Removing pair from phone and car + reboot phone and switch off and on of car engine + repairing = not help.

Jolla, please fix it for the next update.

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Thanks, didn't see this post... And for me it stopped work from

Schturman ( 2017-04-06 15:57:58 +0300 )edit