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Using Iiljoki Aquafish.

I have several gripes about the onscreen keyboard and keyboard function (english stock keybosrd, no patches installed):

  1. predictive text suggestion sometimes hangs or tremendously is slowed down making expanded keys hover and text not progress on fast text entry,
  2. the physical UI screen space taken up by the keyboard is too big, it is eating up 40% of the Aquafish 5" screen, big question here WHY?,
  3. space between top key row (qwertyuiop) and the paste icon and word text suggestions is too big, it doesnt need to be so big, make better use of spaces and optimize gaps,
  4. the keyboard within android apps often overlaps with text input boxes, it didn't use to do that with earlier SFOS builds,
  5. Sometimes upon keybox entry select past, copy command activates instead of keyboard, related to alien dalvik issue or new SFOS browser text select function i believe,
  6. Space bar is too small and period can be removed by creating a double tap space bar period which woulf prevent typing periods all over the place all the time, since instead of hitting enter i always hit period, thumb has to do yoga currently to make it into the very far bottom right corner to press enter,
  7. Often times while in text input box when pressing and holding the back delete button it simply hangs and doesnt go past the first letter, other times when pressing and holding after too much delay it starts and keeps backspacing and deleting.
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Can it be possible to use different keyboard app i.e. Swift key or google indi keyboard. When I want to install it say you dont have permission , unsupported

ashiagra ( 2017-04-11 10:23:50 +0300 )edit

You cannot use android keyboards as SailfishOS uses its native keyboard throughout the system.

leszek ( 2017-04-11 12:43:18 +0300 )edit