[Sell] I sell my backup Jolla 1 - Never really used it [not relevant]

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since I still have my original Jolla 1, my Jolla C and I am hoping for the new devices, I have decided that it's nonsense to keep my second Jolla 1 which I originally bought as backup.

It has NEVER been used outside of my home (in Germany) and the only reason for starting it from time to time was for updating SFOS.

In the box there is even the original white other half, charger and cable packed and unopened.

The only "use trace" to be found is the plastic protection of the display which I removed. Anyhow, no scratches or whatsoever are on it.

Considering its conditions, the price is 100€+shipping - non negotiable. Preferably, I would prefer shipping within the UE to avoid customs issues.

If anyone is seriously interested, please contact me before I sell it over eBay :-)

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Hi, I just contacted you via TMO

AkiBerlin ( 2017-04-10 14:50:57 +0200 )edit

Was this sold?

piero ( 2017-04-11 22:54:08 +0200 )edit

Yes, it has been sold.

lupastro ( 2017-04-12 15:27:30 +0200 )edit