SMTP authentication failure: imap username used instead of smtp username

asked 2017-04-19 19:44:24 +0300

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updated 2017-04-19 19:44:52 +0300

I've been unable to send emails with my jolla C for quite a long time, but today I decided I wanted to find out the root cause of the bug.

My email configuration involves a separate imap server and smtp server. Hence in my setups there are the imap credentials imapuser/imappassword and the smtp credentials smtpuser/smtppassword.

I've been trying to send an email with logs enabled, using the technique documented in

Here's the log:

[19097] Apr 19 18:31:36 [Debug] identityimpl.cpp 96 updateState Updating state:  "Ready" SignOn::IdentityImpl(0xb7c578e0)
[19097] Apr 19 18:31:36 [Debug] identityimpl.cpp 381 getInfoReply QMap(("ACL", QVariant(QStringList, ()))("AuthMethods", QVariant(QDBusArgument, ))("Caption", QVariant(QString, "Jolla"))("Id", QVariant(uint, 9))("Owner", QVariant(QStringList, ()))("Realms", QVariant(QStringList, ()))("RefCount", QVariant(int, 0))("StoreSecret", QVariant(bool, true))("Type", QVariant(int, 0))("UserName", QVariant(QString, "imapuser"))("UserNameSecret", QVariant(bool, false))("Validated", QVariant(bool, true)))
[19097] Apr 19 18:31:36 [Debug] identityimpl.cpp 96 updateState Updating state:  "Ready" SignOn::IdentityImpl(0xb7c30450)
[19097] Apr 19 18:31:36 [Debug] SMTP :  RECV: "535 5.7.8 Error: authentication failed: authentication failure"
[19097] Apr 19 18:31:36 [Debug] Messaging :  void SSOSessionManager::credentialsNeedUpdate() Setting credentials need update for the service  "smtp"  from account  9  using authentication method  "password"
[19097] Apr 19 18:31:36 [Debug] SMTP :  Closed connection: "535 5.7.8 Error: authentication failed: authentication failure\r\n"

So in the logs the username "imapuser" appears, but I would expect the "smtpuser" to appear. Of course, after that an authentification error follows, since the wrong username appears to be sent...

Does anyone see a workaround?

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