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New Sailfish OS Tablet on it's way? [Not branded Jolla]

asked 2017-04-29 21:52:07 +0300

JSEHV gravatar image

updated 2017-05-18 22:28:23 +0300

_ _ _ _ T A _ _ _ _ gravatar image

It seems that a designer linked to hardware supplier Youyota talked about a new Sailfish OS Tablet with official licenses paid to Jolla. Jolla will be presenting the tablet at Asia World Expo in Hong Kong on 16-18 May.

This would mean Jolla (and maybe Youyota) is present on the Critical Communications World (CCW) 2017 which is held during those 3 days in the Asia World Expo in Hong Kong.

More can be read on the (translated from Finnish to English) page here or on Maemo

A design photo of the device is published too:

Youyota Tab Black

There even will be a special Red edition with 128GB of RAM, which will be shown in May at the CCW: Youyota Tab Red

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is it reuse of the old tablet design?

btw. Intel inside - does Intel provides anything for tablets/phones?

zlutor ( 2017-04-29 22:40:13 +0300 )edit

well that was an unexpected turn up for the books . . . . . . best grab the popcorn......... #Inb4RefundComments

davekelly ( 2017-04-29 23:43:36 +0300 )edit

Looks pretty much identical to Jolla tablet design. Bring it on :-) #Inb4RefundComments indeed. How come @Dave999 hasn't gotten his usual refund moan in yet - post has been up for over 2 hours....

ricardo ( 2017-04-30 00:06:51 +0300 )edit

@zlutor I think yes, Intel provides everything for tablets and phones. More: note MeeGo was by Nokia&Intel, that means Intel's staff was polishing and optimising MeeGo in hope to create a market for that time oncoming Intel's Atom devices. Practical meaning of this is that if it will be only on Intel's internals and parts then from the beginning can be expected outstanding above average performance and "internally everything fits to everything". Needless to say Sailfish in about 70%? 80%? is original MeeGo open source code. Note "if, if, if..." as I don't have reliable source or info. But no doubts Intel provides everything that is needed to build and to polish it, therefore that can be brilliant device. I'd like to have one, really.

_ _ _ _ T A _ _ _ _ ( 2017-04-30 01:33:47 +0300 )edit

if this is meant as an aprils first joke, it not only is a month late, its also quite tasteless...

tortoisedoc ( 2017-04-30 07:57:47 +0300 )edit

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answered 2017-05-02 01:08:57 +0300

mosen gravatar image

Ok guys, calm down. This has nothing to do with Jolla by now, apart from officially collecting fees for usage of sailfish. They pulled the plug to hardware business and now the remainings are picked up by respected and long time TMO Member Chenliangchen. He was lucky to find the original creator of the tablet design and now has all legal and technical possibilities to produce them again under the youyota brand he has available to use. Please read the complete story over at TMO before forming an opinion. It is quite fascinating. http://talk.maemo.org/showthread.php?t=99214

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Amazing. This shows that it is actually possible to regularly update the community / potential customers!

Stefanix ( 2017-05-02 04:51:09 +0300 )edit

+1. Who do you expect an answer from, @JSE? Chenliangchen has already given all the information he has.

Sthocs ( 2017-05-02 11:28:56 +0300 )edit

For those who do not know Cheng: It is not his first campaign... https://www.indiegogo.com/projects/keyboard-mod-a-physical-keyboard-for-the-moto-z#/

cy8aer ( 2017-05-02 13:36:23 +0300 )edit

Anybody has any news? Its 2017-05-16 so...?

_ _ _ _ T A _ _ _ _ ( 2017-05-14 13:18:04 +0300 )edit

More information about preordering/backing of this product is available here on together.jolla.com

Cmdr_Zod ( 2017-07-11 02:15:42 +0300 )edit

answered 2017-05-17 11:55:18 +0300

_ _ _ _ T A _ _ _ _ gravatar image

updated 2017-05-22 12:04:30 +0300

Seems to me after Dave999's attacks everywhere on everything and everybody about Sailfish OS tablet he has crossed a thick red line of offending people from Chinese culture. I say this as I see no acceptable explanation for attacking Youyota's team leader at Maemo or anywhere else outside Jolla's blog, and transposing to the 3rd side person Jolla's sins or refunding problems. There is a difference between reminding Jolla their duties and stalking Chen - he hasn't deserved this. And constant open disrespectful laughing at sb among Chinese community can be assumed as reasonable. How they would know this is only empty talking or stalking? They can think this is true and his fault, while it is Jolla's. Hence this can lead to "loose face" what is very seriously treated in Asians communities, and have influence and impact on such person's real life, negative impact considering job opportunities, professional and social relations. Constantly expressed publicly unreasonable disrespect and playing full of the person unrelated with refunding (for me and the lawyer I asked for advice finally) is stalking which is breaking law in many countries. For Chinese such a situation is a reason leave a making troubles project and focus or anything else. He has planty possibilities, while we have only him bringing Sailfish tablet to reality and sell. Why to destroy such opportunity for all who want Sailfish tablet??

For crystal clarity: I support Dave999 in his justified requests for the refunding bakers from Jolla. And if I did not believe that Jolla would return that refund in full amount then I would not be here at all. Without any doubts it is Jolla's duty, and no matter if it is taken over or independent still.

But blind persecutions against all around by Dave999, which are aimed to enforce the refund from Jolla, harase innocent and unrelated people, thereby is causing my disgust and abomination. Such an exaggeration is awe and is unreasonable I think.

Hereby I would like express my deepest apologies for chenliangchen and his associates, I apology for Dave999's posts & comments as I've mentioned them above. I feel they were unfair because Youyota Tablet can't be blamed for Jolla Tablet problems. I understand Dave999 reasons about Jolla but those reasons do not give anybody any right to destroy anything or to be simply rude for chenliangchen who is respected for who he is and what he does, especially for me for all his efforts about revival of Sailfish OS tablet named Youyota tablet. I as a Sailfish community simple member feel responsible for our community member's actions which can cause severe consequences as it seems to me that Dave999 is not aware about them and meaning of them for other persons real life. I say this in my own name.

Those who would eventually feel it is worth to support my point of view can up vote this answer.

As it is motivated with respect for Chinese culture and life style here below is automated translation:

在此,我要对陈良琛及其同事表示深切的歉意,对于上述提到的Dave999的帖子和评论,我道歉。 我觉得他们是不公平的,因为Youyota Tablet不能被指责为Jolla Tablet问题。 我理解了Dave999关于Jolla的理由,但是这些理由并没有给任何人任何摧毁任何东西的权利,或者对于尊重他是谁和他所做的工作的陈良臣来说,是非常粗鲁的,特别是对于我所有关于复兴Sailfish OS平板电脑的努力 名为Youyota平板电脑。 我作为一名Sailfish社区简单会员对我们的社区成员的行为负责,这可能会导致严重的后果,因为我觉得Dave999不了解他们和他们对其他人的真实意义。 我以自己的名义说这个。


I place this here as don't want to create any storm everywhere in internet nor to teach Dave999 how to behave but to express my own point which is apologies for chenliangchen. I think Dave999 is smart person and will understand what I haven't written directly. I also think this forum is the place where I could do this in good faith and not making negative consequences for anybody interested in or involved in.

It is very easy to destroy everything and very difficult to build anything. Even accidentally. :((( Or perhaps I am wrong. And I really would like to be wrong... :(((

"(...) China: Prima Aprilis inconsistent with communism. Prima aprilis jokes "do not match our cultural traditions or socialist values," warned the Chinese agency Xinhua on 2016-04-01 on the Weibo microblog platform, which is the equivalent of Twitter. This message has, anyway, met the sarcastic reaction of Chinese social media users. In China western habits are increasingly gaining popularity among younger generations and Xinhua's entry has been treated as a prima aprilis joke. (...)" From above example implies that Chinese don't know commonly and widely the idea of Prima Aprilis, while we in Europe recognize it as common and obvious. Some younger knows it, but traditional Chinese not at all. It could be very confusing for a Chinese not aware of it, but you will not be informed about it because he/she doesn't know if it would be polite and/or he/she is afraid that you are just mocking and want not to make it worse. So you will not know finally. But you were recognised to be rude and not polite.

Anything can be assumed a prima aprilis joke/prank only if (1) used is customary right triggered by called/said/written the "Prima Aprilis" phrase to signal joking or (2) on next day joke is exposed and clearly explained "prima aprilis joke / prank". It is conditional. Not a good will. Otherwise a person injured or a jerk offended person has the full right to demand an apology or satisfaction, and may also obtain such legal remedies. The habit of prima aprilis allowing jokes on April 1 and only on April 1 does not mean any obligation to bear unwanted jokes anywhere and anytime. Unwanted events, especially humiliating people in spite of good morals and behaviour, are not prima aprils jokes / pranks. They are ordinary offence and persecution. The person who persecutes others may not invoke the customary law of prima aprilis when: (1) does not explicitly and comprehensively use the "prima aprilis" phrase (2) the person persecuted with alleged "joke" beyond date of April the 1st does not clearly express the willingness and readiness to participate in jokes. It is not permissible to assume consent based on guesses, suspicions, supposing, etc.. A person who will notice that her joke is not funny may try to explain the situation and apologize to the victim. The customary habit allow for much more about jokes, but only on April the 1st, not anytime one want to make a joke.

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What about this post from 15 May by Cheng? https://talk.maemo.org/showpost.php?p=1528021&postcount=295

"" Thanks for the support. Dave is probably joking and won't affect the project anyway...

It's slightly delayed due to various reasons. It will be solved hopefully not too long. Apologise... I'm getting back to China to fix it... Will keep update here. ""

Maybe it is necessary to calm down and just wait (and put Dave999 into everyone's troll list - or not??)

cy8aer ( 2017-05-18 15:14:23 +0300 )edit

No, trolling Dave999 is just boiling the conflict. And feeding trolls of all kinds. Post of 15th shows something went not as planned or intended. And/or can be/is a manifestation of eastern way of kindness. But sometimes that kind of kindness could turns into endless "later we will see". All we can do is waiting and I wanted to show I am against blind hate speech, and where I am against Dave999's and why, while still I support his justified requests. Fair truth is better then trolling, hate and conflicting again and again.

Please note what I wanted to underline: cultural differences can cause understanding different meanings of the same words or situations - this is essential here. That is why Dave999's jokes can cause consequences he and we are not even aware of, and which can kill Youyota tablet project before its arrival. That may become problem equal to FUBAR, and every "I am sorry" will not help in such a case, even if nobody wanted etc.etc.. Jolla has trained how it works on their own skin when has not paid on time for tablet. That is the same: unstoppable consequences. Do we want a replay? I don't. We want Sailfish Tablet. But they can even during production phase just flash whole lot with Android and sell away. Perhaps some paint would be needed to cover Sailfish logo with Android or Windows one. And would not have to to say anything even.

_ _ _ _ T A _ _ _ _ ( 2017-05-18 15:58:48 +0300 )edit

TA, i can understand your frustration and appreciate your given insight and concern regarding cultural differences But i do not think Daves blatant mix up of responsibilities will be taken serious by anyone investigating into the topic. People are smarter than that. Also non of Daves arguments have been left uncommented or corrected. I still do not understand what he is up to, but if he continuos like this will hurt himself, not Jolla or Livermorium/Youyota brands. Personally, i applaud Chen for staying calm and take it with a big portion of humor.

mosen ( 2017-05-18 17:25:15 +0300 )edit

I am afraid that not everyone there will have a chance to read all the background about Dave999 and may simply not have a time nor will to dig about this. It can happen will remain in one's head only doubts caused by nasty posts. We don't care about such things at all. But in contrary they care, really. Especially when nobody around knows the story behind. Lets imagine a supplier or somebody else was asked about something and want to check this tablet project and see only Dave999 posts, what he will do? Will trust and help or will kindly refuse any involvement e.g. "because of lack of time"? See Maemo thread - for me there are visible signs he want to keep calm despite dave999's attacks. Most of so to say western-Europeans just omits them, but that can make an impression those attacks are reasonable as nobody protests against them. Note: from Chen's position it would be unpolite (=rude) behaviour to negate anything from Dave999, so he suggest perhaps he is joking. For me this is like shouting 'help me against this freak humbling me publicly for something I haven't done!". Finally he is left alone without any support against continuous accusations of being unreliable and not worth to be trusted etc.etc.. Have in mind this is his work - if somebody in your work would constantly create a suspicious atmosphere around you, how would you feel? How would you be treated? How long would you accept something like this? And would you like to be known in such context? Among your co-workers or bosses? etc.etc. I like Dave999, but I don't like this and destroying chenliangchen's efforts even before tablet arrival. Dave999 is not fair in this case.

After all: I don't agree with such behaviour offending constantly innocent chenliangchen, why not to say loudly that I am against and I entirely disagree and why?

Remember: chenliangchen is obligated to write according to Chinese rules of behaviour even when in English. THAT makes HUGE but invisible difference in communication.

_ _ _ _ T A _ _ _ _ ( 2017-05-18 19:22:11 +0300 )edit

@mosen We can't exclude Dave999 will be taken seriously, can we? And it doesn't meter if everybody, metters if decision makers will take that posts seriously and will leave us without tablet.

Lets try a conspiracy theory: also can't be excluded that a competition would want to enhance doubts and destroy trust for Sailfish OS tablet, just for every case. Can you verify it or who is real baker? I can't.

Motto: As they say among soldiers: you are only once wrong in disarming explosives, but that is the last once in your life.

_ _ _ _ T A _ _ _ _ ( 2017-05-18 19:42:29 +0300 )edit

answered 2017-06-23 15:14:14 +0300

Waxberry gravatar image

This device will be launched very shortly.

There is a possibility of adding a 3G modem on it.

Please see this link for detailed info, and please leave your opinion if you need a 3G function. Thank you!

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There is a possibility of adding a 3G modem on it.

It would be useful. What's more, is there a possibility to add more RAM? Only 2Gb in 2017 seems not very fine for a tablet.

s_gintou ( 2017-07-06 15:12:57 +0300 )edit

answered 2017-05-17 23:28:48 +0300

updated 2017-05-22 10:19:41 +0300

Moo-Crumpus gravatar image

@JSE Any news on this one? I have not seen any announcements about the CCW yet.

(this is not an answer, dude)

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;-) Mosen at tmo has noted in general a big relief as the project has official clearence to continue from Dave999. The ball is still in play. ;-)

Explanation: "Prima Aprilis" is a worldwide custom, as well as a Latin phrase and a cry that a person who has been fooled by a false joke traditionally made on April 1 will hear. Conditional is the use of this medieval Latin phrase, now used internationally as idiomatic expression, the phrase "Prima Aprilis" assures that the person you are acquainted with will not feel hurt because "Prima Aprilis" signals clearly that the intention is to make jokes but not unpleasant. The custom appeared in medieval Europe, hence the use of "Prima Aprilis" which in Latin means April 1st. Latin in medieval Europe was the international language that English is now. In some countries, the custom called April Fool's day, but absolutely it does not release from the obligation to use the call "Prima Aprilis" after making a joke, otherwise does not apply the customary right to do jokes to any person on April the 1st.

Because of this custom, things started on April 1st are suspected of being a joke. Currently, on April 1st, newspapers and the internet posts false messages that are actually intended by the publishers to be jokes, which usually are exposed next day. It is badly seen, in a bad tone, both: to feel offended with a joke when someone hears called "Pima Aprilis (joke/prank)" as well as exaggerating in forcing someone to be a victim of jokes, especially those hurting or not accepted by ALL sides involved ANYHOW in a joke.

_ _ _ _ T A _ _ _ _ ( 2017-05-18 21:56:01 +0300 )edit

what is official?

cemoi71 ( 2017-05-22 18:09:24 +0300 )edit

answered 2017-07-18 13:35:57 +0300

nilOlin gravatar image

updated 2017-07-18 13:39:41 +0300

If you want a real original Jolla Tablet NOW and that without any risk, get in touch with me. After some nice time with it, I am happy to pass it on to share the experience :-) Original packaging and it looks like new. Located in Switzerland. EUR 150 (incl. EU shipping).

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thete is a buy / sell tablet thread

pawel ( 2017-07-18 18:19:26 +0300 )edit
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