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[JollaC] Waze 4.23 won't start due to high precision location not detected

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asked 2017-05-06 03:48:24 +0300

Giacomo Di Giacomo gravatar image

updated 2017-05-06 04:12:05 +0300

Today I updated Waze to version 4.23. Until now, ever since I have been using the Jolla C, Waze complained that I should turn on high precision location even if it was already on. Until version 4.22 the dialog could just be dismissed, but now Waze won't start at all. This problem has been known for a long time but never addressed by Jolla. We need a fix to correctly present the high precision location activation status to Android apps on the Jolla C.

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Yes. The same on my JollaC. No problem on my Jolla1.

m.j.a ( 2017-05-06 08:20:25 +0300 )edit

same here, solved by downgrading to v4.22.1.0 and disabling auto-update in Play store. will be better if jolla will fix it and we could get updates again...

Schturman ( 2017-05-07 19:33:40 +0300 )edit

The last update has implemented too much Google stuff ...

m.j.a ( 2017-05-07 19:38:53 +0300 )edit

Same problem on Intex aquafish

babydoc056 ( 2017-05-08 22:15:10 +0300 )edit

Same probleme. I downgrading to 4.22 and it is working fine .... ::(

Cube ( 2017-05-15 22:09:35 +0300 )edit

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answered 2017-05-18 10:06:02 +0300

m.j.a gravatar image

Waze 4.24 works now fine.

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Thank you, so complaining on the Waze forum maybe helped.

Giacomo Di Giacomo ( 2017-05-18 10:51:38 +0300 )edit

Yep, can confirm, it wotk now :)

Schturman ( 2017-05-19 16:50:39 +0300 )edit
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