Google Talk connection issues since Sailfish 2.1

asked 2017-05-12 19:00:52 +0300

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Before 2.1 google talk would sometimes lose its connection but sending a new message would make it reestablish the connection, during that time you would of course miss out on received message but well, I could live with that.

Ever since 2.1 at least twice a week it will lose its connection, it shows it as text "can't connect..", sending a new message does not fix it anymore like it used to

I tried removing my google account (2) and adding them again but the problem returns. The only way I found so far is to reboot the device, then when you enter chat you will see all the message you tried to send with the "resend icon" and pressing that will send them right away.

Wait a few days and it will lose the connection again and not reestablish it.

If there are any logs or something I should look at and post I will gladly do so.

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many do have issues with google hangouts since g hangouts replaced google talks (my communication ith dissertation writers via it was so horrible that we switched to viber; also here people seem to talk a lot about their issues and no fixing so far);seems to me the issue is going to be solves without google guys actually solving it internally..

cleit ( 2017-05-15 15:35:11 +0300 )edit