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Contribution on EAS repository

asked 2017-05-21 21:31:52 +0300

louisbob gravatar image


I would like to participate to Exchange service improvement, and would like to do some contribution on the source code, as well as documenting the underlying functioning of EAS synchronization in a blog post. I heard that EAS plugin is on a private repo, and I'm wondering why the source code is not public for this part of Sailfish.

Thank you in advance

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Sailfish OS EAS implemetation stuff is proprietary, you can't contribute.

coderus ( 2017-05-21 23:37:48 +0300 )edit

No way to make things evolving?

louisbob ( 2017-05-23 01:15:52 +0300 )edit

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answered 2017-05-21 23:52:16 +0300

ExPLIT gravatar image

Yes, thats the problem. Jolla changed something on EAS after Jolla Tablet. Jolla Phone uses the old Exchange, Jolla Tablet and Jolla C uses the new EAS.

However i found that the old JOlla 1 Exchange working more stable than the new one. Maybe you can try that. Ping me on telegram @ExPLIT or XMPP:

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I concur, new EAS on Intex/JollaC is close to unusable:

twi42 ( 2017-06-13 22:37:02 +0300 )edit
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