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Jolla C / Aqua fish camera lens protector glass

asked 2017-06-10 11:57:23 +0300

wood gravatar image

updated 2017-07-21 00:35:09 +0300

I brock my lens protector glass at main camera at aqua fish. Try to find an new one or one from other phone to replace... But can not find. Have anyone an solution for this problem?

Thx for help

greetz wood

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Thx. Yes I have found this page but not the part I need.

wood ( 2017-06-14 19:22:28 +0300 )edit

it may be worth your while, contacting them and asking directly for the part?

Edz ( 2017-06-14 21:45:00 +0300 )edit

2 Answers

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answered 2017-07-21 00:21:29 +0300

wood gravatar image

updated 2017-07-21 00:31:12 +0300

@tuomanen thank you so much for your help.

Today I get the part from Samsung Galaxy Xcover 3 G388F you suggested to me.

My way to fix my phone.

  1. I heat up the new lens using a normal hairdryer and pull it out carefully with a wooden toothpick from the back side.

  2. Turn of and remove back cover and battery from aqua fish and heat up the brocken lens using the hairdryer.

  3. Use a big flat screwdriver and strong double side duct tape and press to the broken lens and remove all small parts at once.

  4. Clean carefully the open camera.

  5. Give very thin transparent silicone glue to the black frame at new lens.

  6. Use a tiny part double side duct tape and a little screwdriver to bring in the new lens to the fram and adjust to the center.

  7. Clean lens after dry silicone glue and enjoy

641500583958010.jpg 631500583957048.jpg 611500583955248.jpg 601500583953566.jpg 591500583952502.jpg 581500583951345.jpg

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Nice of you to provide the step by step. Will definitely help someone.

sifartech ( 2017-07-21 00:25:08 +0300 )edit

Thank you for the instructions! Bought spare parts from and replaced my broken lens using your instructions. Looks a bit self-made but works now better that the original!

Had some problems trying to remove the aluminum lens holder from Xcover 3 but otherwise no problems!

pekkeli81 ( 2017-08-14 15:43:49 +0300 )edit

Thank you also, I fixed my phone too. ebay article:

Samsung Galaxy XCover 3 G388F Rahmen Gehäuse Mittelrahmen Cover
chris_bavaria ( 2017-09-18 21:50:15 +0300 )edit

answered 2017-07-12 15:33:19 +0300

tuomanen gravatar image

I had the same problem. Lens cover was broken and couldn't find a new spare part. Went to a couple local mobile phone repair shops to find a suitable from another phone brand. Yet no new one found, but they had a used Xcover 3 frame as spare parts and it had suitable lens cover. It was replaced for 15€ and works well. Unfortunately cover itself can't be found as a spare. It comes with the whole body/frame and the price for it is unnecessarily high for this purpose. From a broken phone its quite inexpensive to harvest the part.

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Thank you very much. Find at this item 282369872550 for 6,90 inkl. shipping. I try to fix my phone and report.

wood ( 2017-07-19 02:07:37 +0300 )edit
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