Exposure compensation string is missing from translations

asked 2017-07-01 18:56:46 +0300

werdinand gravatar image

There is no way to translate "exposure compensation" because there is no such string (or at least in Estonian).

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Why do you want to translate 'exposure compensation' string? String like this doesn't exist even in English translation which is base language.

Only string related to exposure is 'Exposure time'.

atlochowski ( 2017-07-01 21:51:33 +0300 )edit

That's why I'm saying it's missing in translations. If you open camera and tap on the exposure compensation (+/-) button on the screen, then there is this text next to the button.

werdinand ( 2017-07-01 21:57:58 +0300 )edit

which version of SailfishOS do you have? In (which is leak) is new camera interface and there is no 'exposure compensation' string when you tap on the button. So probably this is the reason there is no string like this in Pootle.

atlochowski ( 2017-07-01 23:24:02 +0300 )edit

I've got If there will be a new interface, then that might explain the missing string.

werdinand ( 2017-07-01 23:29:15 +0300 )edit