[bug] After switching from wlan to cell, default QNetworkConfiguration bearer type is Bearer2G even in 3G networks

asked 2014-01-17 18:13:17 +0300

juke gravatar image

After switching from wlan to cell, QNetworkConfigurationManager.getDefaultConfiguration() will be of type Bearer2G even if the lock screen states 3G. Restarting the phone fixes this.

Switching cell network to "2G only" in the Mobile Network settings will also causes the same issue: bearer will stay in Bearer2G until either wlan is connected (after which the the bearer is BearerWlan) or the phone restarted.

After putting phone to 2G only -mode QNetworkInfo's currentCellDataTechnology is UnknownDataTechnology.

I have also noticed that neither QNetworkConfiguration or QNetworkInfo will not switch to HSPA and state the network being UMTS even though the phone is receiving 16 Mbit/s.

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