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[Searching] Intex Aqua Fish battery connector

asked 2017-07-16 21:37:44 +0300

PatsJolla gravatar image

updated 2017-07-17 10:49:45 +0300

Hi community, I recently switched to an Intex Aqua Fish and was really happy with the performance. Unfortunately since day one the battery connector wasn't ok. One pin was missing. I made a workaround with a little piece of stapler but it seems this was too strong for the connector and now my Phone wont turn on anymore. Only if I open it, re-insert the battery and then start it, it is working. But as soon as I close the phone it turns off. It seems to me that my selfmade pin is not locked anymore or makes a shortcut.

So I am currently trying to find a substitution for the original battery connector. I'm checking Alibaba but I can't find a substitution that looks 100% fitting. Does anyone know which one to choose, or where I can find it? Is there another phone that uses similar components that I could use as search term?

The measurements that I saw were smth like 16mm wide x 8mm deep but I could be wrong

here are my favorite findings so far:

aliexpress link 1,a,818183.html/

aliexpress link 2

aliexpress link 3

aliexpress link 4

by measurements the closest aliexpress link 5

aliexpress link 6

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2 Answers

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answered 2017-07-16 22:11:05 +0300

pawel gravatar image

i have a aquafish with broken screen. i could take it out there and send it i am located in europe.

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Hmm if this board got to anyone hands who is capable of removing the shielding would it be possible to check whats there:

martonmiklos ( 2017-07-16 23:57:13 +0300 )edit

no xray here

pawel ( 2017-07-17 09:32:44 +0300 )edit

No xray is required someone could remove the RF shielding.

martonmiklos ( 2017-07-17 09:35:03 +0300 )edit

Hi @pawel that would be great! What do you want for it?

PatsJolla ( 2017-07-17 12:10:59 +0300 )edit

shipping costs

pawel ( 2017-07-17 15:20:32 +0300 )edit

answered 2017-08-01 17:52:59 +0300

PatsJolla gravatar image

Thanks to @pawel my problem was solved by reusing his old mainboard. From my experience with soldering, I can say that getting the connector out is almost impossible. You need a really good soldering set with a fine top, mine is obviously useless.

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