[bug] No audio via bluetooth

asked 2017-07-24 15:24:35 +0300

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updated 2017-08-03 12:11:29 +0300

With JollaC I am not able to play music via bluetooth anymore. Did not swap to bluez5 by now by my own but system is on bluez5

[Update] Yeah I see this is a known bug


but: Why is bluez5 now installed by default without full feature set? How can I swap to bluez4? Is it possible anyways?

Unhappy to kill a killer feature...

[Update] I need to to relativise: this seems to depend on the bluetooth profile 8 bit mono audio - and Jabra devices just use this profile. My Venturi Mini works without problems.

[Update] ... Venturi mini worked - till the first call: It shows A2DP, AVRCP, HFP. If a call comes in, the Venturi beeps (so the call is recognised). I can open the call but there is no audio - not at the phone not at the car call set. Changing to loudspeaker works, changing back to car set fails. Because of my .24 update crash I needed to re-connect the phone but I could not enter my pin code though the car set asks to do. Music makes no problems.

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yup, no audio at all, sound continues to come from device. Remote functions still work (back/play/skip).

Spam Hunter ( 2017-07-24 16:05:16 +0300 )edit

When I connect my phone to my car (a Nissan), music still plays through the phone until I press the Play button on the car controls. It's a workaround...

Andy Branson ( 2017-07-24 16:35:06 +0300 )edit

@Andy ok, I try this out. Though it will not work with gpodder which has no function keys implemented. But hey, music with the media player is more than nothing.

cy8aer ( 2017-07-24 16:38:56 +0300 )edit

@cy9aer It doesn't seem to matter which app is playing nor whether it supports the function keys - it just seems to tell the phone to switch the audio route.

Andy Branson ( 2017-07-24 16:41:31 +0300 )edit

@Andy I see... So hope that works. Thank you.

cy8aer ( 2017-07-24 16:50:07 +0300 )edit