How can I find, which process causes sudden reboots ?

asked 2017-07-30 21:59:08 +0300

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My Jolla C has behaved much, much better regarding sudden reboots, than my original Jolla 1. But it started these occasional self-reboots a few months ago. Many times when this happens, it is just laying on the table, without me using any application. Also, any physical factor - like loose battery - can presumably be ruled out. So, it is probably some background process, that causes this.

Is there any means to track such bad behaving process ?

I have the latest update of Sailfish (, but that can't be the reason, since it came a few days ago.

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Comments In AquaFish If I giveup One Sim card & use only One 4G sim (any slot) then I got rid off reboots.

p_pahare ( 2017-07-31 11:36:55 +0300 )edit