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Together HowTo: Asking a question – what should be observed?

asked 2014-01-18 01:48:16 +0300

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updated 2014-02-27 22:43:27 +0300

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I have a question - can I just ask it right away?

See also:

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Few things to consider before asking:

  • Make sure it hasn't been asked already. Use the search, and if that seems to give too many results, add some tag filtering
  • Think about the priority. If it seems to you that there are a lot of more important questions unanswered, maybe you can leave it for later and vote for some of those first to get them up and fixes on the road.

However, nothing prevents you from asking right away - you can do it, and all questions are good questions.

simo ( 2014-01-18 01:58:07 +0300 )edit

This is all very well, but very few seem to bother reading any of the 'rules/guidelines'. So many questions are just not applicable and then people putting their comments as 'answers'. I can't believe people here have the ability to do clever stuff with the phone but can;t follow simple guidelines on using a forum, too many endless discussions about stuff that DOES NOT pertain to Jolla/Sailfish - The sooner we get Moderators on board, the better. I feel like zipping through the forum on a deleting spree, getting rid of spurious, unwanted, unhelpful comments and although we all have a certain amount of control, it doesn't quite feel right playing Judge & Jury with others comments/questions/answers. Nonetheless, I have made a start with some questions, but it doesn't stop the barrage of newcomers adding any old crap question! I disagree, not all questions are good questions, particularly if they are of no use to a Jolla user, just my opinion. Regards,

Spam Hunter ( 2014-02-28 18:32:22 +0300 )edit

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answered 2015-09-13 18:13:00 +0300

this post is marked as community wiki

This post is a wiki. Anyone with karma >75 is welcome to improve it.

updated 2015-09-13 18:13:00 +0300

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The Guideline project:

Planning new guide, topic "Posting a new question - General", and this old guide here needs to be expanded to a full answer, notifying the high importance of search already in this general part. I wrote one from the scracth below, leaving away the comment regarding priority. Do you think it should be included anuway?

Reading @Markkyboy 's comment also gave me a boost in this porject (thanks). Yeah, the guides should be attractive, attractive enough to link to - definitely not something like visible here (question + couple of comments). I'll focus on the looks. Content could be like:

Posting a new question - General

First, all questions are good questions, and especially when they can be answered. Just make sure your question is not already asked. Always use search (link to guide)

After being sure, note that there are different type of questions, each having some characteristics, even requirements, detailed under the following guides. Pick yours:

  • Posting ideas and feature request
  • Posting bug reports
  • Creating a poll
  • Creating a wiki post
  • Other types of posts

ps. Avoid asking any question in answers! Those are supposed to be ANSWERS

The guideline project discusses on these old guideline posts until September 20th, updating and gathering information from here to a new post The Guideline. You're welcome to join the project, for example by editing and commenting this answer.

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