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[Official Announcement] Introducing Sailfish X

asked 2017-08-25 17:14:16 +0300

James gravatar image

updated 2017-10-10 14:35:10 +0300

After months of development and hard work, we finally are ready to announce the details of our Sailfish OS on Sony Xperia X project, called Sailfish X!

As you know, this is our first port of Sailfish OS to a 64-bit ARM architecture based device which introduced its own challenges regarding compatibility and ease of progress. Our engineers did however plow through the challenges and made a daily usable device out of the Sony Xperia X powered by Sailfish OS!

Sales day is getting closer

Here is everything we have in place now regarding Sailfish X:

  • Sales start date: October 4th, 2017
  • Product - what you will get:
  • Sailfish OS image to flash to your Xperia device - our target is to have the downloadable image ready by October 11
  • Android support, predictive text input, and MS exchange support as downloads from Jolla Store to your device
  • SW updates for one year, after which a continuation program will follow
  • Clear instructions and support for downloads & installation
  • Jolla Customer Care service
  • Availability: EU, Norway, Switzerland; US & CA to be confirmed
  • Price: 49,90€ (including VAT)

For the all the pioneers of the Sailfish Community Device Program, we also wanna offer a discount for the purchase of Sailfish X thanks to your continued support and passion. More information on that will follow soon.

For more information, please read our latest blog post.

Cheers, James Noori

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Thanks for all the work, a little longer of a wait but dates are great to have! Great work to the community, looking forward to moving over to it in the near future!

marxistvegan ( 2017-08-25 17:32:37 +0300 )edit

This is great news. I am happy to volunteer installing SailfishX from a Windows 10 pc, and write instructions how to do it. Can I have it now already? ;)

rob_kouw ( 2017-08-25 17:33:12 +0300 )edit


This look good ! Are you planning to provide devices to independent reviewers, so that we can get a feeling of what we can expect from sailfishOS on this device ? Reading a claim from Jolla company that you "made a daily usable device out of the Sony Xperia X powered by Sailfish OS" is not really the same as getting a review from an independant youtuber (or other media) explaining what works, how responsive the UI is, how well android apps work, etc.

vbregier ( 2017-08-25 17:41:42 +0300 )edit

"SW updates for one year, after which a continuation program will follow"

Part of the appeal of jolla/sailfish community devices is that you get updates for a long time. The J1 i have still gets updates. Could you be a bit more clear regarding this?

ApB ( 2017-08-25 17:46:42 +0300 )edit

@ApB I guess @James meant that the price only includes yearly updates and you'll have to pay for them afterward. Please correct me if I'm wrong :)

Aldrog ( 2017-08-25 18:03:57 +0300 )edit

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answered 2018-09-21 11:27:19 +0300

kaktux gravatar image

updated 2018-09-21 11:27:58 +0300


please clarify what SailfishX means in terms of phone warranty. Is warranty voided if SailfishX is flashed on a new corresponding Sony device - Yes or No?

As you start to find users on this platform describing problems with their phones and most seem to have lost their warranty by flashing SailfishX to a brandnew Sony phone Jolla has to clarify this point - as the answer seems to be: yes - but nowhere on SailfishX Site or announcement any remark about this very important issue can be found.

Also please clarify if the procedure you plan to offer for future phones with official sailfish build differs from the current.

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I'm afraid the responsible company for this (serious) issue is Sony, not Jolla.

The fact that Sony makes an agreement with Jolla for a specific Xperia port of SailfishOS, then denies warranty for devices with this joint product installed, appears to be unacceptable and difficult to understand.

objectifnul ( 2018-09-21 20:52:28 +0300 )edit

if sony is causing the problem in this matter jolla has to use their contacts to sony to help/support customers with any issues of this kind. and as already said: they have to adress/mention warranty to clarify for anyone interested in their products somewhere- as so far it is mentioned nowhere on the product pages. and when problems like this occur jollas support alarm bells have to ring. silence about something like that is the worst.

kaktux ( 2018-09-24 09:26:39 +0300 )edit

"if sony is causing the problem in this matter jolla has to use their contacts to sony to help/support customers with any issues of this kind" > is this your opinion or is there a law that says Jolla should do this? Jolla is only one of the os developers that belong to Sony's Open Device Program. I don't think the program and it's contacts should be used to local problems with Sony warranty cases etc. If I recall correctly, there also was a warning in Sailfish X instructions about the warranty case. But as Jolla has stated, this Sailfish X flashing right in this condition and now is for tech savvy people, which means you should understand what you're about to do. I would never blame Jolla for this or someone who have made the software if I install it manually without taking account the risks. Of course if you have problems with Sailfish itself, you can ask help from Jolla. But this is the fact: nor Sony or Jolla give you any help for something that they haven't offered.

If you are EU citizen then EU 1999/44 could help you. There's a case called vendor's liability, so it's either manufacturer or the re-seller where you bought it from. They'll have to always prove that you have caused the issue in the first place. Of course it differs where in EU you live and what kind of consumer protection laws etc. you have. This is helpful if you have modifications on your device and it breaks off. I have pretty good experience how this worked in Finland and even Sailfish OS installed my phone was repaired under the warranty.

Sakke ( 2018-09-24 11:49:18 +0300 )edit

answered 2018-02-17 23:05:18 +0300

nosferatu gravatar image

This is a very good strategy for Jolla. I will be in the market soon for a new phone as I'm tired of my iPhone SE and my Asus Zenfone is dying rapidly. Was already interested in a Sony device but when I heard of the Sailfish x collaboration, it's very appealing. I don't oppose the subscription price either but I have a couple of questions.

  1. I'm assuming that one will not be able to dual boot Android and Sailfish OS?

  2. I'm in the US, so can I get the software to load onto the xperia X?

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  1. officially no dual boot
  2. officially not in States

I believe there are ways to ovecome both obstacles. Try searhing instructions here in TJC.

potski ( 2018-02-18 11:14:41 +0300 )edit


nosferatu ( 2018-02-21 00:41:38 +0300 )edit

answered 2017-10-12 10:28:53 +0300

Louis gravatar image

Have anyone tried Tap to wake on official Sailfish X?

Does it drain the battery?

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After 3 hrs aprox. 3%, in my opinion its well. Installing, browsing, no video, no pictures. I am satisfied.

orol ( 2017-10-13 21:27:05 +0300 )edit

answered 2017-10-12 10:26:16 +0300

Louis gravatar image

Can’t wait to get SailfishOS on my Xperia X :)

I just a a few questions: If I buy a license will it be locked to my account or can I transfer (eg. in the event of selling my device)? If I buy a license but get a new phone can I then transfer it to the new phone? :)

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Answered by James on the blog:

The license is tied to your account, but is definitely transferable if you write to us on Zendesk before you sell your device so we can help you out. And yes, if you get a new phone, it is definitely possible to transfer Sailfish X to it as it is tied to your Jolla account.

Louis ( 2017-10-12 17:14:23 +0300 )edit

answered 2017-10-10 19:27:54 +0300

pfbach gravatar image

Will it be possible to upgrade from community compiled Sailfish X to Jolla compiled version (like a normal upgrade procedure from Settings menu) to get the features that are not available in the community version? Or is flashing required?

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answered 2017-09-26 22:42:40 +0300

MariusP gravatar image

The Community build of SailfishX for XperiaX F5121 doesn't offer GPS functionality: csd tool reports GPS Fail. The official news about SailfishX https://blog.jolla.com/sailfishx/ doesn't tell anything about GPS not working. Did anyone succeed to make GPS working?

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Have you downloadet the newest version from Sailfish OS on Sony Xperia X (community build) ? I installed this build. GPS is working and find satelites.

chris_bavaria ( 2017-09-27 01:59:19 +0300 )edit

GPS works if you disable the Mozilla options in GPS settings.

deprecated ( 2017-10-11 15:58:21 +0300 )edit

GPS works ut not for all Android pps, here works maps.me with openmaps does not.

DarkTuring ( 2017-12-03 19:32:50 +0300 )edit

answered 2017-09-20 00:38:14 +0300

deprecated gravatar image


When will US and North America be confirmed? I already bought my F5121 and will purchase Sailfish X as soon as it is made available, probably more than one license.

I heard it was a VAT/processing issue, not an issue of functionality. Any insight?


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It isn't coming, most likely not due to a payment difficulty or product delivery complication but due to patents. Patents are the reason the fingerprint reader on the Sony Xperia X is disabled in the software for North America-bound devices. The UK firmware, for example, includes this functionality. Alternatively or additionally the reason it isn't coming to the US/Canada could be a lack of compliance with CALEA.

oenone ( 2017-09-28 16:55:18 +0300 )edit

answered 2017-09-19 00:54:19 +0300

jshaw gravatar image

With the 27th rapidly approaching, how are things looking?

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The odds are good that the goods are odd.

oenone ( 2017-09-19 03:22:31 +0300 )edit

what are we expecting ? a daily : date is still valid from james ?

pawel ( 2017-09-19 07:51:01 +0300 )edit

27th September is not so interesting, 11th October is. Actually no reason to order early as the amount of SF OS images shouldn't be limited like HW. Everyone here would probably like to get an update about the progress, but the community is used to be left in the dark. My expectations are low.

Stefanix ( 2017-09-19 10:04:54 +0300 )edit

big big plus, the later we order the longer will our 'one year free update' period last.

danfin ( 2017-09-19 16:29:04 +0300 )edit

I was mostly wondering if the 27th is still the actual pre-order date and to get a feel for how likely the October date is. Since we know that missed targets are fairly common both with jolla and with tech projects in general.

jshaw ( 2017-09-20 22:46:20 +0300 )edit

answered 2017-09-12 23:58:38 +0300

oenone gravatar image

updated 2017-10-14 04:30:52 +0300

Nothing has been said about Maps it seems. Will Maps be included in the licensing (and if so, will it be just maps, or with turn-by-turn, and/or with offline maps), or will that be the prerogative of Android applications or open-source alternatives like Poor Maps?

EDIT: Maps is not included in the offering. Such a pity.

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I hope we will get a fast and reliable gps tracking too. On aquafish its a mess but this should be related to the missing compass. When I need here maps fast and doesn't get the gps fix its something I really miss in comparison to my old nokia N8.

h.berd ( 2017-09-13 18:02:02 +0300 )edit

Navigaion... Right now the suggested app is Here WeGo (an android app). I guess the same will apply to Sailfish OS for the Xperia X. ...but navigation is core functionality (imho) and should thus be native to the operating system.

vattuvarg ( 2017-09-13 21:17:58 +0300 )edit

The missing core functionality should be remedied ASAP. ...with native software.

vattuvarg ( 2017-10-14 13:31:02 +0300 )edit

answered 2017-09-12 22:54:27 +0300

DarkTuring gravatar image

For dual use (android/alien dalvik/ SFOS) files/folders please perform permissiom check as part of a maintenance script, weekly or monthly so permissions are set to read/write for files in nemo and on SD Card that relate to Camera, Gallerie, Contacts, Music, Documents so that the following doesnt happen anymore.


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