Media player and bluetooth disconnect

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I am missing the bluetooth features of n900's OpenMediaPlayer a bit when disconnecting: I am using the device in the car with a bluetooth to fm converter. This converter restarts e.g. when starting the car and the device needs to reconnect.

With the actual OpenMediaPlayer I had the following behaviours:

  • disconnect: player pauses at actual position
  • reconnect: player rewinds from actual position ca. 10s and resumes. The rewind is cool because you do not miss any stuff in podcasts because of connection muting
  • sometimes (bug?) the player does not resume after reconnecting but resumes at actual position when pressing the connector's play button

With the Jolla media player I have the following behaviours:

  • disconnect: player stops song and forgets the actual position
  • reconnect: nothing. When starting the player via the bt-fm-connector's play button it starts the song from beginning. If you listen to a 3 hour podcast you are kicked back to the beginning - when you had a 45 minutes trip before it is very unconvenient because you shall not wind around on the player when driving!
  • if you just pause the song when driving and play again (connector's buttons) the player resumes from actual position but pause and reconnect afterwards does not do the trick: the song is stopped again with reconnecting.

Just some bashing here: I have the impression that actual every developer tends to recode some media player for his/her use cases like in android. There I have a stream player a normal media player a podcast player some other stream player... On the n900 I had the "standard" open media player playing everything (ok no opus ;-) and could be triggered by e. g. gpodder which I for my part find better

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