2.1.1 Presence menu, possible to get gtalk/hangouts?

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updated 2017-08-30 09:54:23 +0200

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Did anyone manage to get the presence menu working with google? Tried re-adding my standard google account (that used to work), setting up it separately as XMPP account (both with default settings which triggered email from google about allowing insecure apps, did that, and with 5223 port), but the presence menu still says no accounts supporting presence have been configured. Anyone got it to work?

Edit: XMPP is working, however needed to factory reset the device to get it working (it's a bit of a pain as updating after factory reset is broken, you need to manually 'ssu re/version --dup' through>> and then last update works through settings)

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Just some additional information so that other readers understand your question:

According to the SFOS 2.1.1.x release notes Jolla removed the Google Talk support:

Google Talk support removed due to Google dropping support for Google Talk XMPP

As pointed out by this answer it seems that Google actually didn't drop the Google Talk XMPP support but it is unknown if Jolla will bring this feature back again.

Some TJC members mention (at the answer mentioned above and in this question) that there is a workaround to get the Google XMPP working again by setting up the XMPP account manually in 'Settings > Accounts' by using the following settings:

  • User name: Your Google e-mail
  • Server: talk.google.com
  • Port: 5223
  • Check your Google account settings (not on the device but on the Google website) and allow the usage of low security applications
Alex ( 2017-08-29 23:31:19 +0200 )edit

The presence menu works for me with XMPP and with those settings Alex are refering to.

speactra ( 2017-08-30 00:12:35 +0200 )edit

@speactra did it start working right away or did you need to do some kind of trick? beginning to think this is rather a bug on my side (even if officially unsupported by jolla)

szopin ( 2017-08-30 00:29:01 +0200 )edit

@speactra are you on 2.1.1 or 2.1.0?

szopin ( 2017-08-30 03:37:03 +0200 )edit

Ok, think I found the difference. So I am using the default port 5222, with wich the presence menu works. If I change to port 5223 and reboot it does not work. Jolla C, updated to

speactra ( 2017-08-30 07:25:33 +0200 )edit