[Bug] VPN/openvpn: ambiguous options

asked 2017-08-30 01:52:07 +0300

oates gravatar image

Hi there,

the advanced settings dialog settings/vpn/connections/<myconnection> has two options in the "remote server" section. In german these are:</myconnection>

  1. Zertifikatstyp erfordern (OpenVPN.NSCertType)
  2. Verwendung des Zertifikates erfordern (OpenVPN.RemoteCertTLS)

These two descriptions are ambiguous. You can't guess which one of these means what. I would suggest to set the description to the option name, e.g.

  1. Erfordere NSCertType (require NSCertType)
  2. Erfordere RemoteCertTLS (require RemoteCertTLS)

Thanks for considering these change.

BTW: I'm using on a jolla1

Regards Stefan

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