[bug] [] Bluetooth headset not able to disable during call [released]

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Before the update, when a bluetooth headset was connected to the Jolla 1, an additional switch (bluetoothAudioSwitch) was shown in the call ui with the active call with which it was possible to enable/disable the bluetooth headset.

I've a Plantronics W720 headset which works very well, also the sound is good. When the headset is connected (Profile: "Headset"), the switch is not shown anymore, but the call is completly routed through the headset.

That means: if the headset has no battery anymore or i just don't want to use the headset, i have to kill the bluetooth connection and cannot disable it anymore in the call ui. See attached screen about before and after.

It should look like this:

As it should

And it looks like this:

As it is

I got it again working by changing file /usr/share/voicecall-ui-jolla/pages/calling/InCallView.qml:

        Switch {
        id: bluetoothAudioSwitch
        /* Changed the visible attribute and removed connection "supportsCallAudio" */
        /*visible: bluetoothAudio.available && bluetoothAudio.supportsCallAudio*/
        visible: bluetoothAudio.available
        icon.source: bluetoothAudio.jollaIcon != "" ? "image://theme/" + bluetoothAudio.jollaIcon : ""
        automaticCheck: false
        checked: !speakerSwitch.checked && bluetoothAudio.callAudioEnabled

        onClicked: {
            if (!speakerSwitch.checked && bluetoothAudio.callAudioEnabled) {
            } else {
                speakerSwitch.checked = false

        CurrentBluetoothAudioDevice {
            id: bluetoothAudio
        AudioSwitchConnector {
            x: bluetoothAudioSwitch.width / 2
            y: Theme.itemSizeMedium/2 - height/2   // Theme.itemSizeMedium = glass item default height
            width: parent.width
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Works again without modification in

mono ( 2017-11-04 12:24:25 +0300 )edit