SailfishX refund Countries

asked 2017-09-04 06:44:44 +0300

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Availability for SailfishX has been listed for EU and some scandinavian countries, with Possible USA/CA i.e. north american countries. However in the blog it is mentioned that credit card is the issue for USA/CA purchase, once sorted they will be included. Also mentioned that work is in progress to allow an option of Refund money to be diverted for SailfishX.

If this is true could this mean that All Tablet supported countries be included for Refund SailfishX purchases?

I'm one of those that backed the tablet, and now apparently forgotten for SailfishX. Please Jolla include all countries at least for tablet refund in SailfishX.

For me that is Australia.

P.S. My Jolla1 is looking forward to a quiter life, as backup and tinkering.

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