Why can't I just upload an image for my Avatar? Why am I forced to join another site? This exactly why I left Android.

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This really does seem to go against all the principles of Sailfish:

How to change my picture (gravatar) and what is gravatar?

The picture that appears on the users profiles is called gravatar (which means globally recognized avatar).

Here is how it works: a cryptographic key (unbreakable code) is calculated from your email address. You upload your picture (or your favorite alter ego image) the website gravatar.com from where we later retreive your image using the key.

This way all the websites you trust can show your image next to your posts and your email address remains private.

Please personalize your account with an image - just register at gravatar.com (just please be sure to use the same email address that you used to register with us). Default image that looks like a kitchen tile is generated automatically.

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i hate it too! but its not too important for me.

h.berd ( 2017-10-12 01:23:01 +0300 )edit