Poor audio quality (Sailfish X, Jolla 1)

asked 2017-10-12 22:34:45 +0300

NevilClavain gravatar image

Hi there,

I used to use my Jolla 1 as my main phone, and I loved it. The one thing that bugged me was the sound quality when using headphones (or the jack in general). The problem is that whenever there is sound produced there are also some failt artifacts. Almost distortion or noise. It sounds a bit like there is extremely overcompressed audio playing in the background, but the sound that is being played in the foreground sounds fine.

I assumed that this was the Jolla 1 and that it just had a subpar DA-converter chip, but I've been using my Xperia X for months now and it sounds great, but as soon as I put sailfish on it the artifacts are back.

As with Jolla 1 when playing at high volumes it's not really noticable, but when playing at low volumes, particularly speach, it is downright jarring! Using an adapter to rise the resistence of the earbuds helps, but now that I understand that it is NOT due to hardware I cannot help think that this should be fixed.

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