Bug: concurrent alarm and clock event [released]

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There seems to be some kind of race condition,when an alarm and a clock event are programmed to happen at the same time: Both alarm sounds and both display screens are racing for the necessary rescources audio and video. On several tests sometimes the calender event wins, on other times the clock event wins. Sometimes they even play both their sounds at the same time.

Most of the times this would not be a problem, as long as - both sounds are loud and penetrant enough to be noticed - both events are displayed. When not displayed in parallel (how could this be possible?), then at least sequencial

Should this be defined? What event is more important - an calender or a clock event?

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This is a known issue which will be addressed in future software updates. The prioritization of alarms should be defined.

PMG ( 2014-02-26 14:14:41 +0300 )edit