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Sailfish X: Can't connect mobile network

asked 2017-10-15 23:36:51 +0200

Reformation gravatar image

updated 2017-12-07 00:06:18 +0200

Filip K. gravatar image

My Xperia X can't connect to mobile network. no 2G/3G/4G. only wi-fi works. In the Settings>Connecticity>Mobile network I can see Internet is disabled and can't enable. Below Networks title Network shows "Registering". What is wrong?

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Hello, I also have this problem...The SIM I am using worked perfectly on my old Jolla C phone (which is broken). Now not even 2G connection. I tried severals SIM cards, all have the same problem. APN settings should not be culprit as i changed the appropriately This is a very serious issue that makes the whole phone (new SFOS and the hardware too) unusable. I am not even sure if flashing back to Android is possible (and I would not now how to do it). I would be thankful if anybody could help...

stranamore ( 2017-12-05 23:32:06 +0200 )edit

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answered 2017-12-10 11:26:03 +0200

stranamore gravatar image

The Jolla Support helped me quickly. The solution (in my case) was to flash back to Android via the Emma tool (windows PC needed), make sure the SIM card works on Android (4G and Data) and then flash again with SFOS (for this I used OSX). Now network connection works. I dont know if this works in all cases, however in mine it did

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answered 2017-10-16 00:05:17 +0200

Reformation gravatar image

I can't select any simcards. I restart phone and now sim card doesn't accept pin code.

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answered 2017-12-05 18:08:45 +0200

Aconvi gravatar image

Hi, i have the same problem -> no mobile network. Xperia X, Sailfish, the sim pin code is accepted. restart, airplane mode on/out, But where can the sim-card be selected? There is no menu-point.

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There is only one SIM card so obviously you dont need to select it unless you have the Xperia X 2SIM phone which isnt yet supported but may run when SIM card resides in the right SIM tray (my guess is tray 1 but not sure);

APN settings is a likely culprit, old broken SIM card, or APN settings arent saved during reboot known issue with Sailfish X.

DarkTuring ( 2017-12-07 05:03:54 +0200 )edit

I have an Xperia with 1 Sim and the SIM tray is only for one SIM. Mobile network > there is no possibility to select or re-select the SIM Card... The SIM card isn't broke - it works in another phone well. APN > i tested all settings - i got never a connection (Telekom Germany). SFOS Restart-Programm for all connections doesn't help. Mobile Network > Mobule Data > Internet > disable... :-((

Aconvi ( 2017-12-09 17:51:13 +0200 )edit

@Aconvi You never ever had a mobile network connection with your T-Mobile sim on your Xperia? Or not anymore? If not anymore, maybe you would like to check this thread:

Loenneberga ( 2017-12-10 16:57:08 +0200 )edit

answered 2017-10-15 23:44:44 +0200

jpjolla gravatar image

select the simcard again. ( in settings go to simcard selection, select sim 1. Sim1 shows already as selected but it needs to be re-selected.)

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