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Ahoi Sailors! Last week 12.10 thursday I upgraded my Jolla1 to Version Kiiminkijoki. Beginning with 18.10 wednesday of this week, I experience random reboots, I didn't see before.

First reboot must have occured in standby mode, while carrying it in my pocket. I noticed a vibration, took the phone, and had to enter PIN for the SIM-card. All applications were closed... a sign, that the phone did a restart. Today another 2 reboots. Second one this morning, while listening to music via bluetooth-headset (if that matters), phone in my pocket again. Music just stopped and when looking, I see Jolla logo and then the PIN-screen. Third reboot this the afternoon, while using browser for surfing on some page in the internet.

The reboot seems to be "soft"... when I used the browser, the screen just got blank, but backlight of display was still on (screen is greyish), then the Jolla-Logo was displayed (much to quick for a "real" reboot, which takes longer") and then it starts again up to the point, where I have to enter the PIN-SIM.

I searched the forum here, but only found tips regarding battery (putting some paper, to have better contact). But I don't believe this to be the cause... if I remove battery/power, that is a cold-start, a reboot takes longer and the screen should be really black (at least for some period of time).

But as I could see in the afternoon, screen is not really dark and the "reboot" (or restart, whatever) takes not so long, as when I trigger a reboot manually. Additionally, when power is lost for short time by ticking the accu, phone should act "weird", or hang, or... whatever... (just like the Atari 2600, when you "unplugged" power for a very short time... but that's another story ;-) )

The phone itself didn't show such signs of unreliability before. So... has anybody experienced similar after the upgrade? It could be some software-failure, causing an instant reboot?! How can I diagnose this?

Thank you in advance for any tips!

And... if phone is rebooting and waiting for PIN... does the alarm-clock still function?

Kind regards Heinz

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alarm-clock should work. Jolla 1 has RTC so it doesn't matter if phone is on or off alarm clock always work.

atlochowski ( 2017-10-21 00:23:04 +0300 )edit

Yeah, confirmed. Set an alarm, rebooted manually and waited for PIN... Alarm pops up, even alarms from calendar, while PIN awaits to be entered! Thats a relief to know :-) Thanks!

8kIsEnough ( 2017-10-21 01:03:32 +0300 )edit

I can confirm this issue. Often once it has rebooted once, it'll reboot again within a second of 5. It's really annoying and prevents me from my using my phone for several minutes, often at critical times.

PureTryOut ( 2017-10-23 12:40:10 +0300 )edit

Hello Sailors,

another Update regarding this. Can somebody explain, what event is triggering a "pwr_on_status=pwr_on_by_RTC" in systemboot.log?

From last friday afternoon until this morning, there was no more ghost-reboot. I used the phone casually, took it with me, or placed it "in the corner" overnight. I listened to music via bluetooth, I used it like always.

But: This morning it rebooted again. I listened to some music before via bluetooth-headset. Then I turned headset off, it disconnects from the phone as usually. I put the phone away, and it did reboot ~10-20min afterwards.

I can see via /var/log/systemboot.log (20171023_064745):

-> "Ghostly-Reboot" #1 on Friday (while listeing to music via Bluetooth) 20171020_061411 Startup: pwr_on_status=pwr_on_by_RTC 20171020_061411 Received: dsme internal state USER x-no-time-stamp Startup: preinit ignored pwr_on_by_RTC -> "Ghostly-Reboot" #2 on Friday (no music, just surfing) 20171020_154456 Startup: pwr_on_status=pwr_on_by_RTC 20171020_154456 Received: dsme internal state USER 20171020_235938 Received: reboot request from dsme 20171020_235938 Received: dsme internal state REBOOT 20171020_235947 Shutdown: SW reboot request 20171021_000016 Startup: pwr_on_status=pwr_on_by_SW_reboot 20171021_000016 Received: dsme internal state USER x-no-time-stamp Startup: preinit ignored pwr_on_by_RTC -> "Ghostly-Reboot" #1 today (standby after music) 20171023_064745 Startup: pwr_on_status=pwr_on_by_RTC 20171023_064745 Received: dsme internal state USER

It seems, that this gostly-reboots are always accompanied by the message "pwr_on_status=pwr_on_by_RTC".

When I look at this file, what I find suspicious is, that the "pwr_on_by_RTC" is there since 19th of October only. It wasn't there before.

() pwr_on_by_SW/USB/pwr_key/SW_reboot [root@Sailfish log]# grep pwr_on_status systemboot.log 20170719_200243 Startup: pwr_on_status=pwr_on_by_SW_reboot 20170719_235126 Startup: pwr_on_status=pwr_on_by_USB 20170719_235329 Startup: pwr_on_status=pwr_on_by_pwr_key 20170727_195634 Startup: pwr_on_status=pwr_on_by_SW_reboot 20170727_224320 Startup: pwr_on_status=pwr_on_by_SW_reboot 20170727_234157 Startup: pwr_on_status=pwr_on_by_SW_reboot 20170728_002807 Startup: pwr_on_status=pwr_on_by_SW_reboot 20170728_012020 Startup: pwr_on_status=pwr_on_by_SW_reboot 20170728_020434 Startup: pwr_on_status=pwr_on_by_pwr_key 20170728_074220 Startup: pwr_on_status=pwr_on_by_pwr_key 20170728_083328 Startup: pwr_on_status=pwr_on_by_pwr_key 20170728_123021 Startup: pwr_on_status=pwr_on_by_pwr_key 20170728_125536 Startup: pwr_on_status=pwr_on_by_pwr_key 20170728_131450 Startup: pwr_on_status=pwr_on_by_pwr_key 20170728_235239 Startup: pwr_on_status=pwr_on_by_pwr_key 20170729_002316 Startup: pwr_on_status=pwr_on_by_pwr_key 20170729_003342 Startup: pwr_on_status=pwr_on_by_pwr_key 20170729_074003 Startup: pwr_on_status=pwr_on_by_pwr_key 20170729_163057 Startup: pwr_on_status=pwr_on_by_SW_reboot 20170731_235308 Startup: pwr_on_status=pwr_on_by_SW_reboot 20170803_001150 Startup: pwr_on_status=pwr_on_by_SW_reboot 20170803_001819 Startup: pwr_on_status=pwr_on_by_SW_reboot 20170803_002243 Startup: pwr_on_status=pwr_on_by_SW_reboot 20170804_211542 Startup: pwr_on_status=pwr_on_by_pwr_key 20170807_103727 Startup: pwr_on_status=pwr_on_by_SW_reboot 20170828_090358 Startup: pwr_on_status=pwr_on_by_SW_reboot 20170923_224020 Startup: pwr_on_status=pwr_on_by_SW_reboot 20171012_221056 Startup: pwr_on_status=pwr_on_by_SW_reboot 20171012_212526 Startup: pwr_on_status=pwr_on_by_SW_reboot 20171013_133953 Startup: pwr_on_status=pwr_on_by_SW_reboot () pwr_on_by_SW/USB/pwr_key/SW_reboot 20171019_084732 Startup: pwr_on_status=pwr_on_by_RTC 20171019_113620 Startup: pwr_on_status=pwr_on_by_RTC 20171020_061411 Startup: pwr_on_status=pwr_on_by_RTC 20171020_154456 Startup: pwr_on_status=pwr_on_by_RTC 20171021_000016 Startup: pwr_on_status=pwr_on_by_SW_reboot 20171023_064745 Startup: pwr_on_status=pwr_on_by_RTC

Sorry for the lengthy output, I hope, it helps somehow diagnosing this annoying behaviour :-( cause it leads to missing calls and not being "available", when you don't notice the reboot.

Regards from Heinz

8kIsEnough ( 2017-10-23 20:12:24 +0300 )edit

And another update. In the morning, while using the phone, it suddenly rebooted. Restarted to the PIN-screen. Entered PIN. The homescreen appears. I started the first applications (clock, messages) and then bang ... Jolla reboots again suddenly. And afterwards again... directly after entering the PIN. And it seemed to be in some reboot loop. I doubt, that this can be caused by a loose accu.

However, I shutdown the device hard, by taking the accu out, waiting some sec, inserting it again and powering device on again. Since then no reboot.

The accu itself wasn't loose at all, it seems to sit tight in it's place.

So, my learning from today, I really believe, the reboots are soft-initiated from sailfish and not related to using bluetooth-headset or doing anything specific. They just ... occur with more or less time between them on a Jolla1-device.

However, to be perfect sure, I followed some advice, saying to "tighten" the accu by putting some paper between the accu and the casing. But I am pretty sure, the next unexpected reboot will come sooner or later.

I didn't check the sysytemboot.log yet... will take a look later.

8kIsEnough ( 2017-10-24 17:51:01 +0300 )edit