- (re)add flashlight on/off option while recording a video [duplicate]

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Hi there,

last week i updated my Jolla1 to Before that i could record a video with the camera app - and while filming had the option to change settings - like turning the flashlight on and off.

This option is gone now - in fact i have no option at all available while filming (besides stopping...) No it can only be solved by setting it all before i start recording. Which sucks.

I would like to have the old features back - and honestly don't quite get why this was changed at all.

edit: see answer

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If you flag this as duplicate and close it - it would be nice if you could point me to that duplicate you obviously found - cause i certainly did not - hence the question. And a downvote - really?? kiddos - get a live.. - together.jolla really is getting worse the last 1-2 years...

kaktux ( 2017-11-02 09:54:42 +0200 )edit

@DaveRo please insert URL to referring question whose duplicate this one might be.

lakutalo ( 2017-11-02 11:02:52 +0200 )edit


This was one of several consecutive duplicates I closed at the time.

DaveRo ( 2017-11-02 19:52:18 +0200 )edit

Much obliged! BTW duplicates are important beacons for the searching, just IMHO. But here comes the big BUT: this one is literally a duplicate, as in each single word. :) I remember that TJC wasn't too responsive that time; so I'm sure this one happened by mistake.

lakutalo ( 2017-11-03 09:20:39 +0200 )edit

My priority at the time was to kill the exact duplicate as quickly as possible, before anyone posted to it. Hence no comment or cross-reference.

And I totally agree that near-duplicates should be cross-referenced - in BOTH directions. Decent software would do this automatically if course;)

DaveRo ( 2017-11-03 11:15:56 +0200 )edit