Issues installing SailfishOS updates while "Battery notifier 2" and / or "BTRFS balance checker 2" service runs

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I observed these issues when updating from SailfishOS to, from to and again from to, but they may have existed before.


  • The device is on the regular release channel.
  • No Call Recorder, Phonehook or non-"official" oFono is installed.
  • BTRFS balance checker 2 stated the device was below 75% "disk" space usage before updating SailfishOS (the same at the command line).


  1. When Battery notifier 2's (background) service is running, the installation of the SailfishOS update reproducibly fails (subsequently to rebooting into the "SailfishOS update screen") after a little while with "SailfishOS could not be updated. Please try again later. (SailfishOS logo & progress bar) The device will restart now [OK]".
    This may also be triggered by having BTRFS balance checker 2's (background) service running while trying to install a SailfishOS update.
  2. When BTRFS balance checker 2's (background) service is running, Settings --> SailfishOS updates --> Download omits the initial "Preparing update" step (which presumably is just running btrfs balance start -dusage=XX).

Can anyone confirm these observations?

And on which devices (for Battery notifier 2's service)?

Note, while the second point is specific to Jolla 1 phones (as only these utilise BTRFS), the first point might apply to all devices with SailfishOS and Battery notifier 2 installed.

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As you know I'm a creator both of them...
1. I have Battery notifier 2 on all my devices (Jolla 1, C and Tablet). All devices updated without disabling this service. Jolla C updated from first attempt, Tablet from third attempt ("Cannot install update. Try again later. [OK]"), and Jolla 1 don't remember now (from first or second attempt).
2. Same about BTRFS balance checker 2... Like I wrote above Jolla 1 updated from first or second attempt without disabling this service.

I don't know if this services cause to the update problem or something else... The next update I will try to disable both of them and after this will try to update and count attempts.

Schturman ( 2017-11-15 17:54:47 +0300 )edit

Thanks, as this is exactly the reason why I asked a larger audience here: SFOS updates occur too rarely to test these phenomena easily.

On my two Jolla 1 phones, when updating from SailfishOS to

  1. On my "testing" phone:
    • I used BTRFS balance checker 2 to balance before updating, then downloaded the update: No "Preparing update".
      I rebooted before intending to install the update, but forgot to switch off "Enable autostart" in BTRFS balance checker 2's settings: I had to start the Download again (which just checks, but does not really download anything, if the SFOS update is already downloaded), still no "Preparing update". I remembered that I have missed this message sometimes at SFOS updates before and that somebody stated here on TJC that he did so too, so I switched the Autostart off, stopped its service via the button in its settings, rebooted and tried again: Now it did "Preparing update".
    • I tried installing the update three times unsuccessfully (as described above and in "Update from to fails on Jolla 1"), then remembered I have seen this before and switching off Battery notifier 2 did help when updating from to, so I switched its autostart off, stopped its service, rebooted, triggered the installation of the update again and the update went fine (i.e. with no further unsuccessful tries).
  2. As I went out of time that night, I just tried to run the positive tests on my "production" phone while updating:
    • Balanced with BTRFS balance checker 2, disabled its autostart, stopped its service, also disabled Battery notifier 2's autostart and stopped its service, but did not reboot: No "Preparing update" when starting the Download?!?
    • Installing update right after the download finished went fine (i.e. on first try).

I will do some more testing when the next SFOS update arrives.

olf ( 2017-11-18 00:18:43 +0300 )edit

Hmmm.. I always have "Preparing update"... I also will test on the next update...

Schturman ( 2017-11-18 00:40:54 +0300 )edit

This time (from to I experienced exactly the same behaviour again, but rememberd to copy /var/log/systemupdate.log (on the second, third and fourth try to upgrade), though by glancing over it, I found nothing special.

Note, that it takes a reboot after switching off "Enable autostart", hitting "Apply" and then "Stop service" in Battery notifier 2 and BTRFS balance checker 2 to let the SFOS system-update proceed (i.e. switching them off and trying to upgrade without a reboot failed).

olf ( 2018-03-08 02:01:42 +0300 )edit